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Well, it appears that I am the only member of this group's staff that is alive. However, the group is still kicking, with me having to approve submissions almost every day.

This means things will change.
...No, don't worry.

Here are the real reasons for my blog post here.

STAFF MEMBERS. We need them!

Post below if you want to become one. We need Contributors, people who will be able to approve and discuss submissions, talk contests, maybe write journal posts. Keep the group afloat. They'll have almost as much power as a co-founder, such as I.

However, this means that I'll have to judge - you have to be good enough at PMG to be able to judge others, and not be an asshole. Unless I like you. I'll come up with a way to test your judging ability.

CONTESTS. We want them?

I mean, otherwise, this group is pretty much dying. Will any of you be willing to participate in contests? I'd say, 2-week - month long events. Since I don't have any money to give away, maybe the winner can automatically become a Contributor. This might bite me in the ass later.

Comment below if you'd be willing to participate in competitive events. And otherwise comment if you have ideas about changing things in this group.

Hugs and Kisses, ProkhorVLG
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Gallery Folders

VADC PSW by prokhorvlg
APEX Portable Machine Gun 15 (PMG-15) by prokhorvlg
Daico - bm 889 'Aletko' by prokhorvlg
Jiwan and isawa // 002M3.X.hatyara.88 by prokhorvlg
Contest Entries
AP-F-03 'Sacred Fire' by Sakaryu
SV67-Cobra by shadowcpt93
C1289 Matter Rifle by thelastone19
Melee Weapons
Veistajas by ThantosEdge
starslasher by AIRSOFTWARRIOR07
Yuri's Tsubasa no kami sori by ThantosEdge
Yuri's Jigoku no Ana-Ake Katars by ThantosEdge
RWBY Weapons -- Aurora and Dawn by SpectraTaika
Saltworks Saint And Sinner by Rose-Eclipse
Gunblade by SanTEXNeeK
The Sange and Yasha (WMDD) by MAV3RiCK-Mi5FiT5
Pistols and Machine Pistols
guardian angel by AIRSOFTWARRIOR07
NSH's SR3 Revolver by ThantosEdge
Obrez L-96 by Northern-Dash
DRG Boxer by Robbe25
Submachine Guns
MAC-3X PDW by ThantosEdge
GRA's Tiikerihai PDW by ThantosEdge
FAF -HH SMG by Maverick1313
Gepard-T1 SMG by ThantosEdge
Tate Arm's TAM-1 Garand by GeneralTate
MST-92 by Morghat
Rasheed MK.17 by Chorniymedved
AR-50 Assault Rifle by ThantosEdge
GRA's SSG-3 Shotgun by ThantosEdge
NSH's R712 Trench Gun by ThantosEdge
YS-12 Shotgun by ThantosEdge
the linebacker by AIRSOFTWARRIOR07
Heavy Weapons
BSW-32 LSW by ThantosEdge
XM118 GPMG (redesign) by killerdragon558
Tate Arm's TASR-50A1 by GeneralTate
NSH's LX-49 LSW by ThantosEdge
Mounted Weaponry
Manticore 20mm by Chorniymedved
M65 howitzer by Maverick1313
APT-Artillery by Maverick1313
AA gun by Maverick1313
Stationary Weapons
Quad M134 mount by Northern-Dash
M666 Devil field Artillery by quadkidpaul
I/A-HGC-IX by daniellandrom
Sentry Turret by stealth-ninja-65
Huwkell ind. Urban Assault Vehicle by Maverick1313
Hemja class hydrofoil by Maverick1313
Huwkell ind. ML88 crane by Maverick1313
Huwkell ind. MA-5/SPAA-5 by Maverick1313
RPG-S by Chorniymedved
FAF-Panzerfaust H44 by Maverick1313
NOC's AViRL-9 Launcher by ThantosEdge
FAF- M10 Tactical Grenade launcher by Maverick1313
People Mechs and Robots
Thor heavy mech by Northern-Dash
A old WIP by Northern-Dash
Back 2 Back by stealth-ninja-65
MEGAS XLR by Northern-Dash
Group or Compilations
PMG Armory by ElementLeithium
Pmg-0001-mr by Thisguyhere070
[Non-SFM][Random] I've found a new obsession... by Manual-Control
Aurumtech Heavy Weapon System by milomike
Two Stamp HK MR556 A1 by madmonty98
Aliens Pulse rifle by Maverick1313
Howa Type 89 (update) by Maverick1313
RPKT tactical from Contract Wars by Maverick1313
Tate Arm's now a Lockheed Martin Company by GeneralTate
Carnation's CM-7 Bow by ThantosEdge
Bio Launcher Concept by ThantosEdge
MFT-500 by Morghat
Works in Progress
Helicopter (WIP) by Maverick1313
Pulse rifle W.I.P by Maverick1313
Ion Stinger WIP by Kain241
Fallout 4 Pipe Revolver attempt by Maverick1313
80 round Long Magazine by killerdragon558
Midwest Industries AK Rail by madmonty98
Troy Battle Mag by madmonty98
Leapers UTG Quad Rails by madmonty98
Reference Pics
Bad G's simple tutorial for wooden furniture. by LeBadger0
Mounting Grenad luancher ref by radar651
Zeta Nine Insignia by SpectraTaika
:Sketch: Random Weapons 2 by Dogwhitesector
Photoshop or other digitally enhanced images
Lawgiver MKII- a Snubnose - Blueprint by strangelysaucy
AK-SD NBDB4 EDITION by BeadedGreenLizard
B1 carbine by BeadedGreenLizard

Group Info

Group rules:

IRC chatroom information:

We are dedicated to Dr. Noob's Pimp My Gun in every aspect be it weapons or spaceships. We prefer concept and design but recreations are allowed so long as the gun is not a preset (Obviously cars or anything else won't have a preset) so we will be fairly strict on submissions, no taking a preset M4 and swapping the pistol grip! Unless you made your own pistol grip that is. We will have a parts gallery open for use if you're new to making parts from scratch and you're tired of the same old default parts. We aren't elite, but we aren't without skill either. Just remember, we want creativity over anything else.
Founded 7 Years ago
Mar 22, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

622 Members
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Orantek Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im not sure if oure interested on a weapon i made on Pymp my gun, and passed to FLASH and animated it…
but here it is, i just hope you help me to finish it, i need a weapon shoot sound effect for it, reload and trigger
J450NMACHINE Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Professional General Artist
Last Version Searching
DarthNublar Featured By Owner May 3, 2016
I really hope that Doc. Noob  or an admin will update the website
Direrain Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
unfortunately as far as I know, it's been abandoned by the creator. 
DarthNublar Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
Well, I hope he can somehow atleast release the assets to the public. Giving US the chance to be the one updating and monitoring it.
B-o-S Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like Doctor Noob is abandoning his masterpiece, huh?
prokhorvlg Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is? He abandoned it half a decade ago.
B-o-S Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My bad, English is not my primary language so excuse my grammatical error lol
TheMakoHighlander Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Do you know how to use the save.jpg funtion on the newer PmG? I click on it whenever I finish a design but nothing happens.
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